TenX (PAY) pays 0.5% of the payment volume to token holders

0.5% of total payment volume

From the total amount spend with the TenX cards, 0.5% is rewarded to the token holders. These token holders must have their tokens in an self controlled wallet, from which they own the private key.
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TenX official website

TenX (PAY) creditcard

0.1% for cardholders

Cardholders get an extra 0.1% of their payments back from TenX.
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TenX official website

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Total payment volume

The total payment volume was $20 million dollar in november 2017. This is where the calculator is based on.
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TenX (PAY) token distribution overview

Payment volume, in millions of dollars

Buy, sell and trade TenX (PAY) tokens on Bittrex.

Bittrex is an exchange where you can buy TenX (PAY) tokens for bitcoins.

Trading Tenx (PAY) on Bittrex.com - screenshot

Store your tokens online at MyEtherWallet.com

MyEtherWallet.com is one of many options. Always be sure to check the link in your address bar if you visit your wallet.

My Ether Wallet screenshot

Store your tokens offline. Potentially safer vs online.

Storing your tokens offline eliminates the risk of going to the wrong URI and providing your private key there. However, the safety of the machine where you store your wallet is of great importance. Maybe try a Ledger Nano S?